Zeynep Akkalyoncu Yilmaz

Besides working as a full-time data scientist, I spend my days:

  • Trying to be a present and engaged daughter, sister, wife and friend :two_hearts:
  • Doing illustrations to capture delightful moments or people :black_nib:
  • Working on an online shop to share my artwork :mailbox_with_mail:
  • Brushing up on my violin playing skills, mostly by following video lessons on Violinlab :violin:
  • Studying French :fr:
  • Falling back in love with fiction books :books:
  • Doing indoor rides :bike:
  • Exploring downtown Toronto :city_sunset:

These are my main priorities at the moment. While I value new opportunities and get excited by pursuing novel ideas, I strive to stick to these priorities the majority of the time.